[We're almost there...]

 This is almost it... we worked non-stop since last post with Kukass on post-production (days & almost nights). Things are coming to an end and we're pretty excited with the result. Aesthesia will come and check the work and we'll then upload it. Be a little patient, we're almost done.


[Aesthesia vs. color correction]

 We have reached the post-production process for Aesthesia's clip: it means we are almost done. It's been 3 days now that we work on color correction, shapes and curves. There is still some work to be done, but we can now have a pretty good overlook of the final result. Thanks to Kukass things are evolving pretty much (he  handles Nuke as no one and rules totally). As always, post-production takes more time than we thought (perfectionnist you said?), but we can now see the end of the tunnel. We'll keep you updated. 



At first you feel nothing, it is like some painless stinger. Some uncommon warmth comes with it, it grows and makes you less and less sensitive to what you thought you never felt. Your limbs get numb, your entire body is. Lines in front of you break, turn and swirl. You realize you never paid any attention to those lines, were they that straight before... Then you wonder if you ever tried to follow one of them, to feel both its ends and beginnings. You're not sure, and feel rather confused. You want to leave but you can't turn back, as i said before, your limbs are numb.