[Gimme a ride]

We were asked by a french Hard Rock band (they are friends actuallly), Aesthesia, to shoot the video clip for their song Under Sixteen : you can find this track on the new album Shattered Idols released on Shotgun Generation Records (2011) [check this]

We began the shooting on April 10th, in a old factory near Paris and finished it on April 16th, with JM's 67' Camaro (that ride is hot as hell !). For the occasion, we casted a few girls and met a young australian actress, Lisa Hurst (this girls is really talented). We still have some work, but we're all excited to see it finished (you'll get soon some making of footage).

Go support the band, buy their CD, and spread the word. You can check them on facebook too. 
They have a killer merch.

Pics by Caroline.