Snaps around lines drawing directions to some end of the world. Curves, stripes and spills leading nowhere but where we've been before (drawing circles again?).



The Electrogeloz film: we went back to Bercy production site 2 days ago to film a few more machines and record sounds, several hours spent in chemical smell and highly repetitive noises.

We asked Séverine to come around to record the voice over. She has a great voice, works fast and quickly gets it. A pack of cigarettes and a few beers later, everything was recorded and ready to be edited.

We'll be back pretty soon.


Long time no see...

We've been kinda busy lately : new projects with new clients. We shot last week a corporate movie and are working hard on editing it (effects and so on). It should be ready for the first week of january, hopefully.

Other projects should come up pretty soon : music, photos and more films online. We'll keep you updated.

Since then, take care.