[uncontaining what circles have drawn]

A short video shot Monday morning (September, 27th) while removing the containers from la Friche de l'art : the end of our installation [drawing circles]. I had a great moment there and i'd like to thank the team (Aurore, Caroline and Diego for helping me out through all the steps of this exhibition), K. (for accepting to be part of it too), all the people who gave me their old TV-sets (Olivier, Céline, Claude, Jean-Jacques, Adrienne, Nicolas) and of course LECAP (Jean-Pierre Faurie and Jacques Perraud). We had a great feedback that increased my motivation to keep on going on (as she would say...).The film inside the TVs will be soon online.


[Drawing circles_petit détour explicatif]

1_le film : tout s’axe autour du cercle qui symbolise ici le cycle (et donc le recyclage). Un personnage se retrouve coincé à l’angle de deux frontières une verticale (la falaise) et l’autre horizontale (la mer). Le cercle dont ce personnage parle représente une forme rassurante, presque fœtale, mais aussi le travail de mémoire que nous faisons vis-à-vis de toute chose : elle trace des cercles comme pour entourer ce qu’elle veut garder d’un moment, tout circonscrire et penser ne rien perdre. Puis, recycler c’est créer à partir d’une chose un produit moins noble que celui d’origine : le souvenir n’est-il pas une vision dégradée d’une première impression et qui se dégrade encore et encore, s’enjolive de fantasmes ou se perd à jamais… Les sentiments ne sont-ils pas la redite perpétuelle d’une sensation première que l’on cherche ou recherche encore, où l’on s’use petit à petit à force d’aimer, d’être déçu et vivre simplement.

2_Les écrans : le film est déconstruit sur plusieurs écrans. Chaque télé a été récupérée dans la rue, donnée par des amis… une forme de recyclage pour ces objets maintenant obsolètes. Le découpage du film sur ces supports divers déconstruit l’image, la dégrade, la décale petit à petit. On parle de cercle à l’intérieur de tubes cathodiques qui renvoient une suite d’images rectangulaires, elles.

3_Le container : cette coque cubique devient l’écran, on regarde l’image déconstruite avec le recul qu’impose le container et l’on recompose à chaque seconde l’image originale, entière. On recycle mentalement des bouts d’impression pour se faire un tableau général de l’histoire de cette femme qui marche, trace des cercles coincée entre l’horizon et ses souvenirs.


[Drawing sound]

Here you can listen to the [Drawing circles] soundtrack. I composed this tune a few years ago in a rather different context but it fits this one perfectly.

[Drawing circles : text & snaps]

We are drawing circles. We draw circles and get always to the same point, endlessly; to put most things in a cycle of life so we won't loose anything, at least not for too long; or everything our life means to us. We want to keep traces of our surroundings, feelings and sensations no matter where we go, what we do, who we have met or when we'd have like to meet them: the places, the people, the smell or anything else memories brought up together.

We draw circles to get this feeling, useless in a way, to live these sensations again and again. It is maybe a way to play confident, and protect ourselves from things to happen, or moments to come. Or is it some kind of an inbred canvas we can't escape from, we're so used to it now, some limits our mind plays tricks with, within which we're stuck, endlessly.

I keep drawing circles, overlapped sometimes, to keep on going on. Because what you like you want to keep on living it endlessly and what you love you want to keep on falling for it endlessly. I am drawing circles to get lost in them and within them, to feel again what I feared I might loose for as far as I know nothing really ends as long as you stay quietly within those boundaries you’ve drawn yourself in. I re-cycle, re-use and re-store each and every piece of me.

They say that recycling is giving things a new life, but what they don't say is that this second life is always less valuable, a degraded copy of a first impression, for everything falls apart at last without ever ending.

I draw circles, endlessly.


[Drawing circles]

Killer Shot Corp. just shot (yesterday) the video that will be presented during La Friche de l'Art in Anet (France) from September 18th to September 26th (grand opening on Saturday 11:30am) : Drawing circles.

I'd like to thank K. R. (it was our first collaboration and shooting with her was a real delight), and the best team : Aurore & Caroline from KSCorp.

We'll keep you updated pretty soon.