'Behind the scene': Under Sixteen Video

Hello everyone,

It’s been 9 months now that the Under Sixteen Video clip has been released and we really hope you enjoyed it. Now, it’s time to have a look behind the scene with the Making of directed & edited by Aurore [KScorp.]  The track used for the editing is “Follow” from the previous album Serious Conspiracy [2007]. Sit back, watch & relax.
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Coming back pretty soon…

Bonjour à tous, 

Apres la sortie du clip "Under Sixteen"en juin dernier, je vous propose de faire un tour dans les coulisses du tournage avec mon dernier Making of.
Le morceau utilisé lors du montage est "Follow" sur l'album Serious Conspiracy [2007] d'Aesthesia.


[Ok,now you can undress...]

As you might have noticed, I shot a short movie a few weeks ago for a young burlesque dancer (Mademoiselle Joris), and I found some time in between to edit it. 
So here it is :

Hope you'll like, as much as I do. You'll find some studio shots I took while I was completing the editing and rendering FXs. 


[Save the last dance...]

Joris (that's the girl) asked me to be part of a photo shooting she had planned with Pauline Darley (Click her, she's worth it...). I took the camera, filmed her posing and tearing a pillow out.

I switched lenses.

She was playing piano as an echo of some lost kingdom that belonged to a dead king, walking randomly in a backyard some miles around Paris, revealing the marks ink have laid upon her.

Teasing is what it's all about.

The film will be released in no time, and will definitely worth it... just teasing...


[the roads we were through]

There are moment, peculiar moments when you go through the very steps you once walked, the odors you once smelled and the things you once touched. Time brought its alteration, and memory its loss. But everything is still there, almost untouched, un-breathed and un-felt. 

I was there once, with the same smell of dirt within the rain, with the same rust beneath my touch and the same ground under my feet. If you asked me how it was then, I guess I couldn't remember exactly. There are times like roads you once took and will always recognize at first glance.


I was there once.


[Aesthesia - Under sixteen video]

We were in such a rush (we had to go abroad to prepare some work you'll hear about pretty soon) we didn't have time to upload the video right here. So here it is, Aesthesia Under Sixteen Video Clip! We are really proud of the result and I guess the band is happy with it too. Watch it and spread it, leave a comment a go buy their record and see them live.


[Under sixteen]

Killer Shot Corp. is happy to announce the release of Aesthesia's clip: Under sixteen. Support the band, buy the album (released on Shotgun Generation records), go see them live, visit their website (www.aesthesia-rocks.com) and 'like' them on facebook.

We'd like to thank the band for their trust, and we'd like to thank also everybody who's been helping us on this shooting: JM & Nathalie, Lisa, Christophe and others (you know who you are...). 

It took us some time and energy and we managed to fuel our fire as you can see ont eh pictures. 


[We're almost there...]

 This is almost it... we worked non-stop since last post with Kukass on post-production (days & almost nights). Things are coming to an end and we're pretty excited with the result. Aesthesia will come and check the work and we'll then upload it. Be a little patient, we're almost done.


[Aesthesia vs. color correction]

 We have reached the post-production process for Aesthesia's clip: it means we are almost done. It's been 3 days now that we work on color correction, shapes and curves. There is still some work to be done, but we can now have a pretty good overlook of the final result. Thanks to Kukass things are evolving pretty much (he  handles Nuke as no one and rules totally). As always, post-production takes more time than we thought (perfectionnist you said?), but we can now see the end of the tunnel. We'll keep you updated. 



At first you feel nothing, it is like some painless stinger. Some uncommon warmth comes with it, it grows and makes you less and less sensitive to what you thought you never felt. Your limbs get numb, your entire body is. Lines in front of you break, turn and swirl. You realize you never paid any attention to those lines, were they that straight before... Then you wonder if you ever tried to follow one of them, to feel both its ends and beginnings. You're not sure, and feel rather confused. You want to leave but you can't turn back, as i said before, your limbs are numb.


[Gimme a ride]

We were asked by a french Hard Rock band (they are friends actuallly), Aesthesia, to shoot the video clip for their song Under Sixteen : you can find this track on the new album Shattered Idols released on Shotgun Generation Records (2011) [check this]

We began the shooting on April 10th, in a old factory near Paris and finished it on April 16th, with JM's 67' Camaro (that ride is hot as hell !). For the occasion, we casted a few girls and met a young australian actress, Lisa Hurst (this girls is really talented). We still have some work, but we're all excited to see it finished (you'll get soon some making of footage).

Go support the band, buy their CD, and spread the word. You can check them on facebook too. 
They have a killer merch.

Pics by Caroline.


[some end to the world]

You walk and then stop, you couldn't go further anyway. You screw up your eyes to try and see beyond. Everything fades in one line that won't ever be closer.

Everything stops right here.


[some departure]

Then, I went first south then west, for a few days. I wasn't expecting nothing but warming up some cold on black shores and pale blue waves. 

It started there. 

More is to expect, as usual.


[holding time for less than a second]

An old NATO base, by some sea, on some coast : things left over, behind or aside, depending on which way your eyes were pointing at.

press [x] for delete



Snaps around lines drawing directions to some end of the world. Curves, stripes and spills leading nowhere but where we've been before (drawing circles again?).